Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I'm in a floating situation right now. Wherever there is a need, that is where Sharon is sent. So far, I've worked in pediatrics, internal medicine, wound care, urology and soon an ENT office. It's definitely been an interesting experience and quite fun.

I suppose I'll get tired of the wandering around after a while and it will be about then that they'll find a permanent home for me. I've noticed several things the past two and half weeks. For instance, not every office is the same and not every doctor is the same. The doctor/nurse/officer coordinator relationship is different in each office. In some offices, I do it all and in others the nurse does it all and in still others, it's a well oiled machine, where the doctors, nurses and office staff all work together almost as if they can read each others' minds.

One doctor asked me today if I liked working in urology; if it was okay or not. I told him it was actually very interesting and it's not so much the field of medicine as it is the atmosphere of the office. I've been greatly blessed to be in some very healing and healthy offices. At the pediatrics office (maybe there is a clue here) several of the staff members went to the playground for lunch. We got our meals from the cafeteria and took it to the park. We ate, let it settle for a bit while we went one lap on the walking/jogging track (yes we only walked) and then we played our little hearts out. I really needed that, more than I could ever explain. Pediatrics is a busy and fast paced office, but it's doable because of the fun and friendliness of the staff.

It's also been interesting to see the needs for prayer. People are hurting everywhere, from the patients to the staff members. I pray that God can use me to bring some sunshine and to cheer up someone who is going through a rough time, because I've been there.

I guess that's why the book of Hebrews makes the point over and over again that Jesus became human in order that we might be understood and saved. He's been here and He knows how to help us.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I'm Back!

Frustration doesn't even begin to describe what I've been through trying to put a new post on my blog. There were problems with passwords, requirements that you now have to use a google account for blogger and all sorts of things. Finally, it's back!

In the process, I've changed my passwords so many times in attempts to reset it and gain access to my own blog, that I couldn't keep up with what my newest password was. It didn't matter anyway because nothing worked for a long time.

It must be bugs. The requirement was that you have a google account in order to be on blogger. Now mind you, my blog is still associated with my yahoo mail account and that is still part of my sign on. Makes no sense, but oh well, that's blogger and google and their mess. Whenever there is a new directive, it seems that there are also things that weren't thought of beforehand and it takes a while to work out all the "bugs" in a new system.

I'm glad that Jesus' directive is a lot more simple. Go. Go into all the world, starting in your own neighborhood and I'll be with you ever step of the way. That's better than any help desk from google, blooger or any other cyberspace entity!