Saturday, November 8, 2008


I had an adrenalin rush this morning. My hair was still wet from my shower and as I turned on the hair dryer I heard a loud "pop!" I can't tell you what fraction of a second it took me to turn off the hair dryer but it was off! "What was that?" Karl could only answer that it had to be the hair dryer. I waited for my heart to beat normally again. I know what is going on, a dysfunctional electrical appliance and wet hair, not a good combination although I'm still holding it in my hand. Finally I turn it back on and everything is normal. But it's not on for long.
It's the smell that stops me. You're probably thinking my nostrils were being assaulted by that horrible burning electrical smell, but you're wrong. It was an intense smell, but pleasant. It stopped me almost as quickly as the loud pop had, but without the adrenalin and near panic that I was about to electrocute myself. "It wasn't the hair dryer." I know I had Karl curious now.
He noticed the smell too and felt badly that the cord of my hair dryer had knocked over one of those frosted glass bottles of perfume that had been given to me as a gift from a family member. As I carefully cleaned up the glass of my Melaleuca "Mystique" bottle, Karl brought me a towel to soak up the perfume that had pooled on the sink counter.
As I finished cleaning up the mess, I realized what had captured my attention first, the loud sound. It was a little scary as I wasn't sure what it was from. The smell was the next thing I noticed and it filled the room and eased my fears about what had caused the noise. Now I knew I wouldn't electrocute myself. Instantly my mind was taken to a home in Israel when a woman who had been given another chance at life broke a perfume bottle. As the sweet scent filled the air it was an aroma pleasing to the Lord.
I also remembered the song "Broken and Spilled Out" recorded by Steve Green. As the last of the perfume liquid was mopped up with the towel, I found myself praying that I would be willing to be broken and spilled out for Jesus and that my life would bring a pleasant aroma to others.

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Friday, November 7, 2008


I'm liking my new job. There are certainly some things that are different from where I used to work, but most things are very similar, just a little rearranged at times. I did get a surprise today. One of the office personnel I had filled in for previously when I was a floater came by my new office with a gift. Everyone at their office had signed a card for me and they gave me two pair of "Socks to Stay Home In."
I'm wondering why I don't have a pair on right now, but then I would probably fall asleep and not finish writing this little post. It is nice to be appreciated. It is nice to read all of the nice comments from the people in that office, even the doctor.
Now that the work week is over and I'm enjoying the blessings of a relaxing Friday evening; I'm so grateful for all God has done. I've listened to my daughter trying to learn a new song (a hymn from my hymnal), the children laughing and even saying "ick" when they saw Karl and I kissing (doesn't stop us though). God is good and I'm glad He built in special time each week for us to soak in His goodness and just be thankful.
musings and cogitations