Monday, January 24, 2011

Why Pack?

So my husband has been moved to a new district. It's not that far away, but it still requires us to move our family to a new home. We are still looking for the perfect spot for us.
We've made phone calls that haven't been returned. We've visited places that left my stomach reeling and places that were too good to be true, but we've haven't found the right place yet.
The problem is that even though we don't know exactly where we are moving to, we still have to pack. We still have to go through things and decide if we really want to take them with us to the new home or if they would be better off sold at a yard sale, donated to a thrift store or even thrown in the trash.
As we have visited various places for sale and for rent, I've imagined our family and all of our current belongings in each home. Which one had room for it. Which one did not? How would we store our camping gear, carefully accumulated over the years? How would we store the clothes from our oldest son that we are saving for our youngest son?
As we go through this process, I am clearly reminded that I must sort out things in my life as I prepare to move to heaven. It's not so difficult to pack for that move! It's all going to be new so I don't have to take a thing or worry about whether or not it will arrive at the destination without breaks or other damage.
But in reality, it is more difficult. I have to be resolved to let everything go. I'll type it again. I have to be resolved to let everything go. Am I holding on to anything so much, that it would keep me from enjoying a most incredible journey to heaven?
With that in mind, my packing right now is made easier. I don't need so much stuff. I can't take it to heaven with me. Might as well not go so attached to it now. So it's time to get busy. Happy Packing!
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