Monday, February 26, 2007

Which do you like better?

My eleven year old son devours books. This is an understatement. In his 4H club, there is a group that gets together to work on hiking, one of Michael's favorite interests, other than reading. On this hike, they tried to learn about each other and pick nicknames based on observation. Since Michael spoke most of the time about books he had recently read, he was given the name reader. It was very appropriate.

You know a child is crazy about reading when he keeps a book in the car with him and then when you get home from piano lessons and the sun in shining so bright that you just know the children can't resist playing outside; but he does because he's only got one chapter left to finish the book. He wouldn't play outside until he finished the book.

Michael's two latest reads are "The Lucifer Diary" and "The Edge of Eternity." After he finished the 2nd book, Karl asked him which he liked better. Michael said that both books were basically about the story of the world from the earliest beginnings through to when Jesus comes again. The first book was from Satan's assumed perspective. The second book is from God's assumed perspective. Michael said he enjoyed both books greatly, but he liked the 2nd better, because it was from God's perspective.

I'm soon going to have to get Warrior Culture for him, Donny Prater's book, because it's never too soon to learn how to be a man of God.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Not ashamed

On this Valentine's Day, I challenge you to look up a couple of verses in the Bible. They happen to be my husband's favorite verses. Proverbs 5:18, 19.

When God touches your heart, and you know you are a recipient of His grace, are you not thrilled?

When God sends an angel to rescue or shield you in a moment of peril, do you not know His loving care over you?

When God sends the Holy Spirit to chasten you and bring you back from the path of destruction, are you not grateful for His guidance?

Of these things we are not ashamed.

However, if God has blessed you with a partner in life, a godly spouse, are you ashamed to enjoy to the fullest God's gift?

Spend some time today in God's Word, realizing that marriage is to be full of joy and wonder, then go experience it.

Monday, February 12, 2007


I got away to a Women's Retreat this past weekend. Wonderful. Incredible. It was just what I needed and an answer to prayer.

I came home even more encouraged and ready to do whatever task lies at my door, especially encouraging and supporting my husband in all that he does.

God is good. I've been strengthened to come back and be all that my family needs me to be and all that I long to be.

I think there is a reason why God says come apart for a while and be refreshed. I was refreshed. My husband could tell when I got home that I have been refreshed.

Some negative people had tried to get me down because of my age. It's true I'm only in my thirties, but that doesn't mean that I don't have anything to say or share. This retreat showed me that I was valued. I had a chance to say and a chance to share for God's glory.

There's nothing like the feeling of knowing that God can use you, defects and all, to bring Glory to Him. It's an incredible and wonderful feeling that people had been trying to steal from me.

I won't let anyone try to steal it again. Your own special relationship with God is worth hanging on to, no matter what other Christians say.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

A different kind of perfume

"A little blind boy was asked one day what forgiveness is, and he said, 'It is the perfume that flowers breathe out when they are trampled upon.'"

From "Make God First" by Eric B. Hare

This little tidbit touched me so I hope you don't mind my sharing it with you.