Friday, July 13, 2007

The Journey of Faith

This is often a very hard concept for people to understand, but faith is a journey. What do I mean by that? Well, we can look to a pillar of faith, Abraham for the best example.

Most everyone has heard of Abraham, the man of faith. But a closer look at the story also reveals many times when Abraham didn't have enough faith to carry him through some difficult moments. Hence the lying about Sarah being his sister and the attempt to produce his own heir through a slave girl, Hagar.

So why does everyone call Abraham a man of faith if he failed so many times? The answer is simple, although it is two fold. First, Abraham didn't fail every time. Second, Abraham was on the right road of faith.

I live in North Central Arkansas. When I want to visit my family in Oklahoma City, I'm eventually going to find my way on to Interstate 40. It goes straight to OKC and is not far from my mother's home.

Being on I-40 doesn't put me automatically at my mother's front door. But being on I-40 will get me there. So it is with the journey of faith. We get on the right road, and we may make mistakes, but we will eventually get there. The mile markers on the road become faith markers, showing our progress along the way.

Jesus helps us when we have a flat tire along the way. He loves to help His people. He's just so excited that you are on the right road, the road of faith.


Kev said...

Nice post. Too many people think we need to be perfect when Christ comes. That becomes distressing to conqer.

Then there are those who don't think what they do helps them on the road to faith.

But walking in the Spirit is such a road that we will fall on, but what we do after we fall signifies where our faith and trust are. I struggled in my early years to grasp this and it caused me great stress.

After several years, I realized that my imperfections fall off of me, like scales off of Paul's eyes, when I focus on Jesus and do what He wants me to do.

Now I don't worry about my imperfections too much. For I am "His workmanship" and He is responsible for recreating me on my walk with Him.

You're right. His road of faith is not always a perfect drive, but He knows we are getting closer and closer to Him everyday traveling on it.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the move and your new place. I'll be thinking about you and wishing you the best. Be safe.


Roseuvsharon said...

Thanks Kev and Barb for stopping by.

Barb, it's good to know I have a friend thinking about me.


I've had my share of flat tires along the way. I think I've even caused a few for others, much to my regret and shame. Thank God for His unending mercy and keeping me on the right road, the road of faith.

Gabrielle Eden said...

This is very true - Abraham didn't have perfect faith, and that's important to remember when he is being used as an example of faith! Good post.